Caldas da Rainha – The city of nature and art on the Silver Coast

Describing the rich city of Caldas da Rainha is difficult, but the best expression is “the open-air museum”. Every street, every building, every square has unique features and a story to tell.

If you want a city with art, diversity, history, nature and a quiet pace of life, Caldas da Rainha is all you need. It is a few minutes away from the area’s most iconic beaches, and 1 hour from the capital, Lisbon. Something possible through direct access to the A8 motorway, one of the main ones that connects it to Lisbon and Leiria.

It has two very present symbols, Queen D. Leonor (the founder of the city) and Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro (who elevated its art). These two illustrious historical figures gave life to the city.

The rhythm of Caldas da Rainha

Life in Caldas da Rainha is never repetitive. The iconic outdoor fruit market always wakes up very early, as one of the city’s ex-libris.   With fresh fruit and vegetables, the ladies in their stands always lively and helpful, it is worth enjoying what the season gives us.

The walks in the Mata Rainha D. Leonor are invigorating and healthy, ideal for those who need and like to stay active. The park D. Carlos I is like a gift of nature, with small human interventions, that embellish the historic center, along with the centenary Spa Hospital.

There are pottery workshops on the streets, as well as exhibits and local shops. If you are an art lover, it is worth knowing and experiencing the pottery of the city. The proximity to the beaches makes it also ideal for those who like to live by the sea.

Living in the Caldas da Rainha

The lifestyle in Caldas da Rainha is quiet and the quality of life is notorious. It doesn’t have the movement of a big city, but it’s not as quiet as the villages. It is the perfect balance between calm and cosmopolitan life.

In terms of cost of living, it is similar to the cities and towns of the region. It has access to a vast trade, all the necessary services, several schools with an excellent quality of teaching, specialty clinics, several banks… There’s nothing you can’t do in the town of Caldas da Rainha.

The climate in Caldas da Rainha is mild all year round. Summer is not overly hot, nor is winter very cold. These aspects make the city of Caldas da Rainha an excellent area to live in.

We invite you to pass through Caldas da Rainha and drink of its charm. Who knows, this isn’t going to be your next house. Check out our projects  and, sand have any questions, contact us.

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