Casas da Baía – Salir do Porto (Silver Coast – Portugal)

A village with independent villas with swimming pool, with a privileged location in Salir do Porto, a locality next to São Martinho do Porto, on the Silver Coast – Portugal. Have you ever imagined enjoying one of these fantastic villas? No need to imagine anymore, this project can become your new home!

An amazing opportunity! Comfort and Quality of Life in São Martinho do Porto – The perfect shell of the Silver Coast!

The project is designed to enjoy all that the Silver Coast has to offer you. The sun, the scenery and the fantastic beaches are closer than ever, and the fantastic views, these, are always guaranteed!

The views are amazing… breath-taking! Its location – Salir do Porto (remarkably close to São Martinho do Porto) – Costa de Prata, Portugal – a location that provides an incredible connection with nature, and minutes from the most wonderful beaches of the Silver Coast.

A dream projects! Discover here all villas’ typologies and possibilities.

The project translates into a set of villas with large and ecological spaces. We want to reduce our environmental footprint to the fullest, and we try to do so through the diverse options at our fingertips.

DescriptionTypologyArea (m2)Price (€)
Lote 13 Bedroom Villa250,70 m2Ask us here!
Lote 23 Bedroom Villa266,90 m2Ask us here!
Lote 34 Bedroom Villa438,80 m2Ask us here!
Lote 43 Bedroom Villa286,20 m2Ask us here!
Lote 53 Bedroom Villa266,80 m2Ask us here!
Lote 63 Bedroom Villa247,60 m2Ask us here!
Lote 74 Bedroom Villa337,95 m2Ask us here!
Lote 83 Bedroom Villa266,90 m2Ask us here!
Lote 93 Bedroom Villa333,50 m2Ask us here!
Lote 103 Bedroom Villa210,00 m2Ask us here!
Lote 113 Bedroom Villa272,60 m2Ask us here!
Lote 123 Bedroom Villa355,70 m2Ask us here!

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Our values are innovation, ambition, cooperation, security, and responsibility.

Can you imagine? This project can become your dream home!

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A dream project that come true!” – Rui Tavares

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