Meet Foz do Arelho – A Pearl of the Silver Coast, one of the most beautiful landscapes on the Silver Coast.

Welcome to Foz do Arelho! With a golden and extensive sand, which joins the long green fields, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes on the Silver Coast. The village of Foz do Arelho is the ideal destination for those who like to live by the sea, but also for those who love the surroundings with nature.

 The village belongs to the municipality of Caldas da Rainha and is connected to the municipality of Óbidos by the mythical Óbidos Lagoon – the most extensive lagoon system in the country, with a great diversity of amazing fauna and flora.

The village of Foz do Arelho itself is small and quiet, and its inhabitants are quite welcoming. However, in addition to its humble tranquility, it has at your disposal all the basic services necessary, besides being within walking distance of the city of Caldas da Rainha. The villas, situated on the slopes, luxury and tranquility, and are clear proof that many choose this paradise to live!

Why to choose Foz do Arelho to live?!

The words tranquility, nature and quality could be the legend of your landscape. In Foz do Arelho you will find a quiet village with immense forest life, ideal for those who like to stay active and in contact with nature.

Its cost of living is similar to the other regions of the Silver Coast. Its proximity to Caldas da Rainha allows you to have access to everything you need, and one of the most appealing aspects is also its proximity to the capital, which is less than an hour by car or public transport.

The climate is characterized as “temperate climate with mild winter” by IPMA  (Portuguese Of the Sea and Atmosphere). Essentially, you will have a pleasant and cool summer and a mild winter.

Let Foz do Arelho surprise you every day, visit and you will be in love! We have several projects in the area, so if you have any questions,  please contact us.

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