Óbidos – The enchanted village between walls with natural richness and great cultural dynamics

To enter the village of Óbidos is to dress and drink from the medieval spirit. You have all the scenery to imagine what life would be like in the time of kings and queens, so you’ll feel like royalty. To visit is beautiful, to live is noticeably quiet, and has everything you need.

In this village of the Silver Coast, you will find the historical part, its natural richness, and a great cultural dynamic. A wonder of Portugal, which will make you fall in love.

The historic village between walls

Those who pass in its surroundings see, on top, a beautiful castle, and a typical village all walled. It looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.  Inside Óbidos, there is much more to know than you can see.

When you pass the portico, walk through the narrow and meandered streets, you see typical houses and cultural buildings, many flowers, shops, cafes and typical restaurants. The more adventurous walk the wall and enjoy a view of the region’s natural wealth.

And have you ever heard of ginjinha?! A very typical liqueur of the region served in a small glass of chocolate. It always attracts the most curious palates and warms your soul on a winter’s day.

Living in Óbidos

Life in the village of Óbidos is quite quiet. However, it favors an excellent location, as it has direct access to the A8 highway (which connects Leiria to Lisbon). In its surroundings have available villas with privileged views of the castle or one of the incredible natural landscapes.

The village of Óbidos is served of all the necessary services and commerce, such as artisanal commerce, supermarkets, pharmacies and schools. Throughout the year, it also hosts iconic cultural events in the region… you will never get tired of the village of Óbidos!

When you want to have your moment in nature, you can always go to the Óbidos Lagoon. Here, you can practice water sports, enjoy  picnics, take your walks… always on the shore of a rich lagoon in fauna and flora.

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