The quality of life that makes Portugal a country to live as a family

Portugal has, over the last few years, made an excellent presence in the European and international rankings that assess the quality of life of countries. Many are the qualities and indicators that make Portugal one of the best countries to live in.

And what’s so special about Portugal?  First, the Portuguese people is known as very welcoming to foreigners, who decide to visit or even move to the country. In addition, Portugal has an incredible ancient history, a gastronomy that pleases all palates and an extensive coast of golden sand.

The quality of family life in Portugal is excellent. It is a very safe country, it has a great public education system and a relatively low cost of living, relative obviously to the other countries of the European Union.

Cultural diversity in Portugal

Portugal is a small country. However, it has an incredibly varied diversity and cultural richness. No matter which region you choose, you’ll always have:

  • Historical architectural styles.
  • Fantastic natural landscapes (countryside, mountain and/or beach).
  • Several typical dishes ranging from meat, fish and even seafood.
  • An amazing wine culture.

In Portugal you will always be safe

In addition to all the cultural diversity, and the welcoming people, Portugal also allows you to have a safe and peaceful life. Portugal invites you to end-of-day activities such as walking pets or running a race, without having to worry about your safety or physical integrity.

Your children can easily travel on public transport or even on foot. Schools and most cities are completely safe. Enjoy local parks, walkways and outdoor activities.

As it is a small country, whichever city you choose to live in, you will always be at relatively short distances by car, which will allow you to easily get to know the whole country. We guarantee that you will always have Portuguese ready to welcome you!

Portugal has the lowest living costs in the European Union

This factor is also important, especially when looking for a country to move into with your family. In Portugal, you can have a very comfortable lifestyle with less income than you would need in your home country (at European Union level).

If you want to lead a quiet life with your family, this is one of the factors that make Portugal very attractive.

The Silver Coast – a region of excellence for living as a family!

You’ve seen or heard of the Silver Coast! It’s a magical area, with a vast natural beauty and those who visit it, promise to return. The Silver Coast is an extension of Portuguese coastal regions, located in the west of the country and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. A meeting point between the green landscape and the sea!

Get to know all the details here, such as the economic, cultural, tourist and gastronomic development of this region of excellence in western Portugal.

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