Silver Coast – What makes the Silver Coast so special and magic?

You’ve seen or heard of the expression Silver Coast! A magical location, with a vast natural beauty and those who visit it, promises to return.

The Silver Coast is an extension of Portuguese coastal regions, located in the west and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. A meeting point between the green landscape and the sea!

It is a region with an excellent economic, cultural, tourist and gastronomic development. Close to Lisbon, with a motorway (A8) that connects this area directly to the Portuguese capital, and with great flexibility of public transport in the region, the Silver Coast is undoubtedly a region of excellence.

Western Vineyard and Wine Route

In addition to the beach, the Silver Coast is a wine region with a route of 25 homealities, which you can travel through. In these homeries by participating in the harvests, enjoy the green landscape and taste the light wines DOC, as well as the regional sweets.

If you are a lover of wine and history, explore here the four routes of the “Route of the Vineyard and Wine of the West”.

Golf Courses

If, on the other hand, you are a golf aficionado, the Silver Coast is internationally famous for its Golf Courses. Situated between the vast mountains and the ocean, which makes your moments absolutely magical.

From Óbidos to Peniche, you can explore the resorts here with the Golf Courses, and also discover the traditions and legends of these two sites.

Along the Silver Coast we also find some towns and villages. Different from each other, but with a rich historical and cultural heritage, such as:

The city of Caldas da Rainha

Just a few minutes away from the best beaches in the region, and 1 hour from Lisbon, is the Caldas da Rainha. A city full of art and life, which has become an extremely popular tourist destination.


The city has a market for fruits, vegetables and handicrafts that stands out for its colors and the quality of its products, being a tradition for a long time. In addition, it also has a fresh fish market in the region.


The various handmade pottery shops decorate the streets and show the original and creative pieces, with the origin of the artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. Which gives it the designation of the capital of ceramics and makes it an open-air museum.


Its thermal hospital dates to the Middle Ages, known for its sulfur-rich waters, which help in the treatment of dermatological and bone problems. Its historic buildings are a must-see!

Living in Caldas da Rainha

In addition to art, the city of Caldas da Rainha is an excellent place to live. It has all the necessary services, shopping, supermarkets, a shopping center, several restaurants, and typical cafes.

The municipality of Óbidos

On the Silver Coast you will also find a region rich in medieval history, where you feel a true king/queen as you walk through its streets between walls. Óbidos is one of the 7 wonders of Portugal and a tourist spot you cannot miss. It’s hard to travel the A8 without spotting a beautiful castle with a village within its walls!

The Castle

A medieval village surrounded by walls, with narrow streets and lined with houses decorated with flowers. A beautiful maze where you will find craft shops, bars, and counters with your typical drink, ginja liqueur in chocolate glass.


throughout the year, the castle of Óbidos is home to several iconic events in the region. Such as Festival, the Christmas Village and the Medieval Market. In addition, it has arts events. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this culture-filled region!

Living in Óbidos

The municipality of Óbidos benefits from an excellent location. In addition to access to the A8 (motorway with connection to Lisbon), it has several areas in its surroundings with privileged villas overlooking the castle or the numerous green landscapes. It also offers various offers of artisanal commerce, supermarkets, pharmacies, and schools.

Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho is a must-see point on the Silver Coast. A beach of natural beauty, where the lagoon of Óbidos joins the Atlantic Ocean.

The surrounding area of Óbidos Lagoon, in addition to beauty and being ideal for children, is a perfect area for windsurfing or kitesurfing. The side bathed by the sea is ideal for swimming and surfing.

Living in Foz do Arelho

Its typical village has numerous beach houses within walking distance of the sand, pharmacy, several cafes, and small grocery stores. If you want to live with more luxury and tranquillity, you have several villas on the slopes with a stunning view of the sea.

São Martinho do Porto

The beach of São Martinho do Porto is an excellent option for those who like beaches with calm waters with fine white sand.

It has a wonderful hillside, which can walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the infinite sea, and a bridge that connects it to Salir do Porto. Something you can take advantage of to go for a family walk.

The village of São Martinho Porto is still full of life and activities, being an ideal destination to spend a perfect holiday, or even live.


Nazaré is a village with a stunning natural beauty. World renowned for its giant waves, but also for its rich historical heritage.


On its streets you can find Nazarenes dressed in typical costumes, small boats selling fresh fish and various points of art and fishing, where the past and present come together.

Sea and fresh fish

Its smell and sea breeze invite visitors to enjoy fresh fish dishes in its typical restaurants.

Living in Nazaré

Nazaré has all the necessary services and commerce. The properties available here have a beautiful view and a calm and sea breeze, absolutely refreshing.


On the Silver Coast, Peniche is meant to be fishing and surfing. It has some of the most famous beaches in the region, such as the Supertubos, which are highly sought after by tourists. In this location, you have at your disposal many points and tourist activities, such as:

  • Cape Carvoeiro, where you can visit breath-taking landscapes.
  • Baleal, an island with narrow streets and typical houses, which invite you to walk as a family.
  • Berlenga Island, a natural reserve of translucent waters with boat trips and diving baptisms, which are a Must Do in the Peniche region. Certainly, one of the paradises of Portugal.
  • Surfing, being home to surf championships, and a mandatory destination for surfers who are passing through Portugal.

In addition, Peniche is an excellent place to live, especially for those who like areas involved by the sea, but with all the necessary services.


The Silver Coast is rich in history, sea, and life. Which makes it, in addition to an excellent tourist area, or wonderful place to live!