Peniche – living in the Portuguese capital of surfing

The city of Peniche and the sea are connected, and it is difficult to think of one, without thinking about the other. Its historical and cultural richness is immense and worth exploring.

Its name derives from a Latin term meaning “almost island”, which reveals much of what it was and what it has become, due to the strong tides. Tides that are today, a strong reason to be visited by surfers from the four corners of the world.

To live, there is nothing better than a quiet city, with everything you need.

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Silver Coast – What makes the Silver Coast so special and magic?

You’ve seen or heard of the expression Silver Coast! A magical location, with a vast natural beauty and those who visit it, promises to return.

The Silver Coast is an extension of Portuguese coastal regions, located in the west and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. A meeting point between the green landscape and the sea!

It is a region with an excellent economic, cultural, tourist and gastronomic development. Close to Lisbon, with a motorway (A8) that connects this area directly to the Portuguese capital, and with great flexibility of public transport in the region, the Silver Coast is undoubtedly a region of excellence.

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