Weekly Update: Vista panorâmica (Silver Coast) - Localstar Portugal

Weekly Update – Villa with stunning panoramic views! – Silver Coast, Portugal

Weekly Update: Vista panorâmica (Silver Coast) - Localstar Portugal

We share with you one more update of this dream project, so you can also enjoy this fantastic view of nature.

The project itself is a dream come true! The goal is to build not only a luxurious villa with large customizable spaces, but also a smart, ecological, and sustainable house, with an environmental footprint reduced to the maximum possible.

The Villa is located inside a pearl on the Silver Coast!

As we have already mentioned, the views are amazing… breath-taking! We chose the location of this project very carefully, in the Silver Coast, Portugal. Undoubtedly, a location that provides an incredible connection with nature, and an incredible proximity to the most wonderful beaches of the Silver Coast, as well as the fantastic Óbidos Lagoon (a high environmental heritage that you can know here).

Can you imagine? This project can become your dream home!  Know all the details of this project here and make yourself at home… ask us your question or tell us a little about your projects. We’re available to talk to you, so we’re waiting for you.